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Serving Our Clients for over a Decade!
Duncan Administration Services
DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES acts as your fund's accounting staff by providing: Accounting for your Fund’s holdings and all transactions.
Starting a Hedge Fund Performance Compensation
Start up hedge fund managers should take notice  that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)...Read more...
  • One point of contact/coordination
  • Reduce number of outsourced personnel
  • Streamlined procedures
  • Reduced training time for back office management
  • Increased decision-making authority in the field
  • Tailored customer communications
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced contracting and administrative costs
  • Consistent Quality
  • Consistent service levels
  • Access to highest quality personnel
  • Timely response and follow-up inquiries
  • Timely resolution of conflicts
  • Reduction in service variability
  • Focus on improved performance
  • Improved company focus through strategic outsourcing
  • Value-added services such as training and management reporting

Turn Key Hedge Funds has helped hundreds of boutique hedge fund managers and advisers launch their hedge funds and advisory firms. We focus our efforts on forming and advising equities funds, commodity pools, Forex funds, investment advisors and commodity trading advisors. 

The Turn Key Hedge Fund start-up process includes:

  • Drafting documents necessary to a domestic private investment company;
  • Drafting the Private Placement Memorandum, Limited Partnership Agreement and
    Subscription Documents for the domestic fund;
  • Drafting confidentiality letter agreements, code of ethics, disaster recovery and data storage policy, email policy, AML policy, sub advisor engagements etc;
  • Drafting investment manager compensation agreements for the investment advisor or trading advisors;
  • Facilitating the creation of the limited partnership, the general partner LLC, the investment advisor LLC or other appropriate entities;






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Duncan Hedge Fund Administration

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