Start a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)

Now there is an easy way to start you own Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), where you:

  • manage the assets;
  • trade the client account; and
  • receive the trading advisor fees.
The TURN KEY COMMODITY TRADING ADVISOR STARTUP for your managed account business provides you with the CTA launch, the CTA operation opportunity, and even I.B. services to your new CTA.

At Turn Key we will:

  • Create the entities, draft operating agreement, and prepare of SS-4 documents for acquisition of federal identification numbers for domestic entities;
  • Secure all NFA/CFTC required approvals;
  • Draft documents necessary and appropriate for a domestic Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA);
  • Draft the CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) Disclosure and related Account Information Documents for managed accounts;
  • Draft confidentiality agreements, Code of Ethics, Disaster Recovery and Data Storage Policy, Email Policy, AML policy, Privacy Policy, Sub Advisor agreements, etc.;
  • Draft Compliance handbook;
  • Draft compensation agreements;
  • Prepare and submit registration documents with the CFTC and NFA as a CTA; and more
We shall prepare offering materials consisting of a Disclosure Documents, management agreements and related materials, coil bound on bright white paper with clear plastic covers and black backings; a set of account information documents and signature pages in a folder indicating the name of the CTA on its cover; an introduction letter to the potential client; an executive summary; documents suitable to augment or withdraw funds; all suitable for packaging in a plastic wallet-type folder with the logo or label of the fund on its cover; all of which is packaged in a form suitable for immediate distribution to potential clients.

Let TURN KEY CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) make it happen for you.

For more information on starting your own CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), please contact us via E-mail or call (888) 263-4774.



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