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Turn Key Hedge Funds' Premium Fund Launch Package includes two powerful marketing tools for fund managers: a Marketing Video and Website. Coupled with posting fund information on an SEC-compliant investor/fund matching website, a customized fund Marketing Video and Website provides fund managers with new ways to interface with potential investors, ultimately allowing them to get to know the Fund and fund manager.

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Video Productions Hedge Funds

Turn Key Hedge Funds' Marketing Video Production Staff will film the fund manager(s) on location, either at the Fund Manager's office or at Turn Key Hedge Funds offices in Chicago, Illinois or Coral Springs, Florida. We don't "farm out" your commercial video project to someone else and then charge you a "mark up" on their fee. Your commercial video is produced by the Turn Key Hedge Funds, Inc. Production Staff through their subsidiary TK Media Works.

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The Turn Key Hedge Funds' Premium Fund Launch Package includes the following Video Production services: 

  • Production of a Marketing Video to be embedded in a "Lamp Technologies SEC No Action Letter"-compliant web page or delivered with Fund disclosure documents;
  • Customized script developed and written for the fund manager(s), highlighting the fund manager(s) background(s), key Fund information, etc.;
  • Professional-quality cinematography: filming using a Panasonic DVX 100b or better video camera and boom and/or wireless lavaliere microphones for enhanced sound quality;
  • Insertion of logos, graphics, or other images into video as requested;
  • Professional editing;
  • Addition of background music or voice-overs, as appropriate and/or requested;
  • Conference with staff to review the information videoed with client prior to publication;
  • Finished video shall be provided to client in DVD format (unless otherwise requested), playable on all standard DVD players; and
  • Creation of DVD with customized cover featuring Fund logo for use with the confidential offering package.


Hedge Fund Website

Turn Key Hedge Funds, Inc Technology Staff will create and design the Fund's Website under the direct supervision of Mr. Ainsley Fuller, Director of Technology. The Turn Key Hedge Funds' Premium Fund Launch Package includes the following Website Design services to the Fund Launch:

  • Password-protected "Lamp Technologies SEC No Action Letter"-compliant website;
  • Individual logins for each authorized user (fund manager(s), current investors, certain potential investors);
  • Domain name registration;
  • Securing of reliable, "hacker-safe" web hosting;
  • Personalized e-mail account(s) setup;
  • Customized web design featuring the Fund's logo, related artwork, and/or selected images;
  • Insertion of content as requested by fund manager (reviewed by counsel and supplemented with legal disclosures as required);
  • Accredited Investor" questionnaire ensuring only "eligible" individuals view the Fund's site;
  • Legal risk disclosures as appropriate;
  • Fund offering documents, presented in PDF format;
  • For current investors: individual investor capital account reports, performance reports; Schedule K-1s (for tax purposes) posted at close of fiscal year.



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